Merle is a former cardiac nurse whose interest in photography was awakened by her passion for travel. Her photographic work captures her interest in faraway places and cultures resulting in her photographs of places, people and nature.

As a freelance photographer, one of her most satisfying and remarkable experiences was her twelve month adventurous trip around the world, visiting twenty countries and taking photographs. Her travels included flying over the Nazca lines in Peru, visiting the Galapagos islands, Easter islands, Tonga, Fiji and Papua New Guinea where she sailed up the crocodile ridden Sepik river in the highlands.

Photo - Merle inspecting some ancient carved stonework
Photograph of Merle Van den Bosch by Gottfried Heuer
Photo - Group portrait of Merle in a crowded market with two tribespeople, one holding a piglet
Photograph of Merle Van den Bosch by Gottfried Heuer

What catches her eyes are shapes and forms in the natural environment. What she enjoys most are the quiet moments spent with ordinary people sharing their daily lives, and dreams for the future.

She has exhibited both solo and in group shows including the Black Women Photographers Travelling Exhibition organised by the Studio Museum in Harlem, NY. As well as appearing in numerous private collections, her work has also appeared in publications. She splits her time between London, Norway and Mexico. Merle is a founding member of Autograph ABP (Association of Black Photographers) in London. She also designs jewelry and enjoys jazz music.